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The Anxiety Book

The Anxiety Book

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There are so many reasons to be anxious these days - even people who have never suffered from anxiety before are finding 2020 hard to handle. Life can be hard even without drought, bushfires and the coronavirus. We are all feeling anxious about our health, in particular - and journalist Elisa Black knows exactly what that's like. Over one-tenth of Australians suffer from an anxiety-related condition and Elisa is one of them.


In The Anxiety Book Elisa weaves memoir with science, using the stages of her own life to relate to stages in everyone's lives and the types of anxiety that may be experienced during each phase, including health anxiety. She includes the latest in research and other scientific information about anxiety, its causes and treatment.


 Elisa's story will inspire fellow anxiety sufferers to believe that there is a way to manage their condition and live more freely. From her own experience she also offers hope that anxiety does not have to dominate a life, or even dent it - it can be managed and conquered. For those of us who now find that each day brings more anxiety, this book can show you the way forward.

Author: Elisa Black

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