We have a series of Magickal workshops all year round. Please register your details with the store if you are interested in any of the following. 

Purpose of Rituals and Magick - Understanding the different meanings of everyday celebrations, Eg Birthdays, Christmas, Seasonal changes,  and Moon cycles. To influence our lives in a positive way.

Candle Magick - Understanding the workings with candles and the influences of colour. Candle burning is comforting, Spiritual in it's meaning and creates a powerful yet peaceful state of mind, and has centuries of use behind it. 

Circle Casting - Learning the ancient form of casting a Wiccan Circle, the basis of magick. 

Working from the Altar - How to be a solitary practitioner to create a sacred space, in which to honour all that you hold sacred, and work your own magick and create the life you wish to lead. 

Spellcasting - Learning the magickal theory and practice in working with  appropriate magickal correspondences such as herbs, oils, crystals, colour, and etc, to represent the desire you are trying to create.    

Astrology - Discovering how your personality develops according to your time and place of birth. Your natal chart reflex how the placement of planets affects the life you are meant to have and how life changes to give you the happiest and best life. Every one will receive a copy of their natal chart.

Sabbat - Discover the Wiccan "Wheel of the year" celebrating the eight main seasonal changes according  to the tradition of "the old ways".

Ritual Workings - Experience performing ceremonial ways of honouring traditional rites of passage of in life such as birthdays, weddings, christenings and other traditional Wiccan times of celebrations.

Working with Crystals - Expand your horizon with the knowledge of crystals.

Oracle and Tarot - Learn the difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards, old and new forms of deviation.

Full Moon celebrations - Learn how to celebrate drawing down the energy of the moon to empower and celebrate your life.

Mythology - Discover the myths of ancient times that influence our lives and development of our personality.