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Green Witchcraft 2- Balancing light & shadow

Green Witchcraft 2- Balancing light & shadow

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Green Witches are deeply connected to the Earth and the cosmic balance of light and dark. They welcome the wisdom of the light and the shadow sides of nature, the self, and the Divine to grow more whole in magic and spirit. In Green Witchcraft II, hereditary Witch Ann Moura reveals how to develop a balanced practice by incorporating the powerful, dark aspects of the Goddess and the God. Guided meditations, spells, and rituals enable you to invoke the energy of the dark powers and achieve your goals through magical workings.

Use dark power herbs and hear the goddess speak prophecy. Create a connection to with the four Elementals with your own elemental bottle. Open the doors to past-life memories with the black mirror meditation. Learn a spell to pass easily among the three worlds. Gather and release the chaos energy of darkness to regenerate the Earth. Work with the dark aspects of familiars, the Celtic Ogham, and the Tarot

Honor the dark no less than the light ... release your fear of the shadows and embrace the other half of yourself with the balancing practices in Green Witchcraft II.

Author: Ann Moura

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